DIY Personalized Gift Mugs

DIY Gift Mugs DIY Personalized Gift Mugs

Have you finished all your Christmas shopping yet? No? Shame on you! HA!

Totally just kidding you. I haven’t gotten anywhere close. This year has been a whirlwind and I’ve felt about a month behind each holiday as they come. So if you’re like me, then you’ll really enjoy this last-minute gift idea that takes no time at all and comes straight from your heart.

I can’t take the credit for this one, I came across it the other day at Happy Go Lucky and thought I have got to do this! I had seen the idea of it on Pinterest before, but wasn’t sure that it worked. So I was glad to have found proof that it does.

DIY Mugs Before DIY Personalized Gift Mugs


To try this out for myself, I didn’t want to spend a bundle on mugs. Even Dollar Tree is a bit expensive per mug for me. So I ran into Goodwill where there were a ton of white mugs. Whodathunkit? It was meant to be! $.49 per mug and you just can’t beat that, even with a stick.

It’s as simple as using a permanent marker to write, draw, or color on your mugs and then pop them into a preheated oven for 30 minutes. That’s 350° in the oven to be exact. When they come out, the marker has been baked into the mug making it permanent!

DIY Mugs After DIY Personalized Gift Mugs


So easy and yet so thoughtful. Even the kiddos can make their own. Get creative and have fun! You can make these for any occasion as well. Add a heart for Valentine’s Day or an egg for Easter. Whatever suits your fancy.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

UPDATE: I did just want to mention that after putting these through the dishwasher, my orange permanent marker turned hot pink! Not sure if it’s the brand that I used or what, but it’s worth noting. simple smile DIY Personalized Gift Mugs

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  2. Carol says:

    I have read that you need to use ceramic markers found at Joann’s or I’m sure any other craft store. Markers can be expensive so use your coupon at your fav. craft store.

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  4. Polly says:

    did you use standard sharpies?I saw oilbird sharpies at a craft store somewhere and wondered if they’d be more permanent.

  5. Emily James says:

    I tried sharpies and the entire thing came off in the dishwasher. The entire thing! What am I doing wrong? help! I’m trying to make these now for 25 people :)

    • Amy says:

      Hey Emily!
      I used regular Sharpies so I don’t have experience with the oil based. But I have heard that stays on better. I’ll also say that I wrote a cute little poem to go with the gifts and asked them to hand wash these only. That makes a lot of difference! Good luck!

      Amy recently posted…Homemade Caramel Latte- Folgers FlavorsMy Profile

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