Easy Caramel Banana “Banoffee” Pie

My husband and I went to England a little over a year ago on the most amazing trip. It was for his work, but I got to gallivant around and it was pretty incredible. I really enjoyed taking in their culture and how similar, yet so different that country is. One thing that I really loved about the UK is that they are really big on Indian food there. I’m a big fan of Indian food. Kinda ironic considering that I really don’t like spicy food. I always order everything mild.

pie 2 Easy Caramel Banana Banoffee Pie

You’re probably wondering what this gorgeous pie has to do with England. This is a pie that originated in England known as a “Bonafee” pie. It comes from the words banana and toffee put together. For years, I’ve been making caramel pies very similar to this and never once thought of putting bananas with it. But boy is it yummy!

pie 5 Easy Caramel Banana Banoffee Pie

This pie is incredibly easy. Like, you wouldn’t believe how easy. You simply need a can of Sweetened Condensed Milk to boil. In about 2 hours, it turns to caramel! Yeah, it’s really that simple. You can even use fat free sweetened condensed milk. This part of the pie is the most time consuming and takes a little babysitting. You’ll want to make sure that the cans stay completely submerged the entire time. You have to add hot water just about every 30 minutes during the 2- 2.5 hours.

pie 6 Easy Caramel Banana Banoffee Pie

Making your own crust is super simple too. I bought some shortbread cookies at Dollar Tree and popped them into the food processor. I ground them up until they were crumbs and then added in some melted butter and pressed that mixture into a pie pan. Bake that for about 10 minutes and you have a 2-ingredient homemade pie crust! Just about any cookies will work for this crust- shortbread cookies, vanilla wafers, even biscotti!

pie 4 Easy Caramel Banana Banoffee Pie

Once your sweetened condensed milk is done boiling it will look like this. Place a few sliced bananas into your pie crust. Then…

pie 7 Easy Caramel Banana Banoffee Pie

..Spread the caramel over the bananas. It’s difficult not to dive into this pie already!

Top it with some whipped cream (or homemade if you’re adventurous) and shave a little chocolate over the top. It’s best to let it chill for about an hour in the refrigerator for it to set. This pie is extremely easy to make and tastes like you put lots of work into it!

Adapted from Brooklyn Limestone’s Recipe



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