From Spice Rack to K-Cup Holder {Before & After}

If you have a Keurig, then you are probably aware of the ungodly prices for accessories and extras that go along with it. Honestly, I’m just glad that the machines themselves have come down in price. If you don’t have a Keurig yet and have considered getting one, you might check out Amazon. They have decent prices on the machines and they also have a huge K-Cup sale on Fridays!

Chances are that you’ve seen the K-Cup carousels and the fancy little drawers for the Keurigs. Both range in price from around $25- $35 at most stores. Sure they are handy, but after the cost of all the K-cups you have to buy and the cost of the machine itself, who wants to shell out yet another $25 for that? Somebody who really needs a place to store their K-cups I guess.

I am just too cheap to pay for one of those, so I’ve made do with the box they come in.

Until now…

K Cup Holder Before From Spice Rack to K Cup Holder {Before & After}

Goodwill is my hero. They have given me inspiration for a lot of things and now they have swooped in to save the day for my K-cup dilema! I found this empty spice rack at my local store for just $.99. To most, this would look like junk. One might think their spices wouldn’t fit its holes or think the color was all wrong. Or some might just have no idea what it is.

But I saw my new K-cup holder in this thrift store treasure. So I went home, cleaned it up a bit and then gave it a shiny new coat of spray paint to bring it into modern-day. Wow, what a difference!

K Cup Holder After From Spice Rack to K Cup Holder {Before & After}

The K-cups fit just perfectly and it’s not too big nor too small for my kitchen. Just goes to show that someone’s trash (or Goodwill donation) is someone else’ treasure!

Who needs a $25 K-cup carousel when you can repurpose a Goodwill spice rack for $.99?

K Cup Holder Before and After From Spice Rack to K Cup Holder {Before & After}

Question of the Day: Do you have a K-cup holder? If so, what kind?

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  1. Ronda S says:

    Oh my gosh, Amy, I love this idea! If my dad hadn’t bought me one of those fancy little carousels for Christmas, I would definitely be doing the same thing!

  2. Helen says:

    Omg. This is just awesome! Gonna be searching everywhere for an old spice rack now!

  3. David Jones says:

    Saw this holder and think you should tell consumers about it as well

  4. Annie Bédard says:

    Just bought a Keurig ! And love, love, love your idea!

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