No Time To Make Dessert? {Giveaway}

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Strawberry Cream Pie 1 No Time To Make Dessert? {Giveaway}

The words you are about to hear may come as a shock to you….

I don't always have time to make a homemade dessert. Yes, it is true. Sometimes, just sometimes I don't even feel like making dessert. And perhaps the reasoning behind it is that I spend so much time on dinner that I justdon't care to spend anymore time in the kitchen. It's understandable right?

The only times that I really feel it's necessary to have dessert as a requirement is when it's a formal meal. You know, friends over or perhaps a holiday dinner. We had a dinner like this recently and of course, dessert was a forgotten project. Edwards Crème pies to the rescue! We stopped by the store and I let my daughter pick out her favorite. Strawberry Cream Pie was her dessert of choice and it was a good one. I'd probably recommend it for a get-together. I love when there's no baking involved. 🙂

For the holidays, Edwards is still offering a holiday e-card that you can send to family and friends! I know it's January, but the link still works so try it out! It's pretty cute. I sent my e-card in no time flat and received a coupon via email. 

My favorite part of the e-card offer? You AND your recipient get a $1 off coupon. Throughout the month of November and December, Edwards Desserts donated $1 for each and every Edwards product purchased. How super cool is that?

Now, let's get to the good stuff! One of YOU are going to win a FREE Edwards Creme Pie! The winner of this giveaway will receive a coupon for a FREE Edwards Creme Pie AND Edward's Desserts will be making a $20 donation to Toys for Toys in the winner's name! This will be a quicker than normal giveaway ending on Tuesday, January 15th at midnight CT.

Edward's Desserts Giveaway

Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment on this post with your favorite Edward's pie or perhaps one you'd like to try.

Optional Additional Entries:

This giveaway will end on Tuesday, January 15th at midnight CT. I will contact the winner on Wednesday, January 16th and they will have 24 hours to respond. If I have not heard from them, I will name a new winner. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery of your coupon. US residents only.

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 No Time To Make Dessert? {Giveaway}

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  1. Ronda S says:

    You make dessert every meal? It’s official, you’re much more ambitious than I am! Edwards pies are wonderful. I especially love Key Lime in the summer!

  2. Ronda S says:

    Follow you on FB

  3. Ronda S says:

    Also follow you on twitter

  4. Ronda S says:

    And I subscribe to your daily email … I’m beginning to sound like a bit of a stalker! LOL!

  5. Ronda S says:

    Liked Edwards on FB, too. Now I want pie, though!

  6. Eva says:

    My favorite is Key lime pie but I love allof Edwards Pies

  7. Eva says:

    I subscribe to your e-mails

  8. Katie says:

    Never had Edwards pie, but they have a lime one I think that looks delicious!

  9. Katie says:

    I am of course a Facebook fan!

  10. Danielle T says:

    the hershey pie IS my favorite! i love these pies

  11. Danielle T says:

    i like edwards on fb (name is Realia Mazing)

  12. Danielle T says:

    i like pennywise cook on fb too (name is Realia Mazing

  13. Danielle T says:

    i follow you on pinterest as well (name is Realia Mazing)

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